What is it about?

"How to install?", "What characteristics make them different?". Understanding our customers’ needs, as well as the selection of offers that meet their expectations, are the main tasks for our company. That's exactly why we will readily answer all your questions and help to choose functional and modern interior doors.

Why we?

Staff members of PortaNova offer consultations on how to choose the necessary goods. They may undertake all technical issues related to measurement, calculation, delivery and installation of sliding and hidden systems.


The warranty period for interior doors made by PortaNnova is 24 months and it starts from the date of sale of goods, specified in a bill or sales receipt providing they are used properly and in compliance with storage conditions.


The development of modern construction materials and technologies no doubt creates new and more perfect means to make your house/apartment more comfortable, beautiful and safer. The interior doors are not the exception.


PortaNova sells all goods with delivery throughout Ukraine. We care about the convenience of our customers, so we will simply deliver the ordered goods to your home courier by Nova Poshta. We also offer self-pickup from our following warehouses: Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa


PortaNova is looking forward to new partners. We suggest contacting us and discussing all the conditions of our cooperation.

What is the sliding door system ?

The 21st century is the current century, however, many families still live in small apartments. Notwithstanding some spatial restrictions, such dwelling may still be quite cosy and comfortable. The main task is to use the square meters properly and functionally. To visually increase and make the space more useful we suggest selecting the sliding interior doors system. Our sliding doors system has already become popular in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities in Ukraine.

The sliding interior door systems are used both to save space and to make the interior more modern. The sliding interior door system or in other words, room dividers, comprise fashion trends, innovative technologies, functionality and elegance.

A box called the “pencil case” for sliding interior doors system – is a construction consisting of metal framing, a frame and a guide which allows the door sliding inside the wall. It is crucially important for sliding door system to be designed with the application of high-quality materials, which guarantee the functionality and long-term use.

MITO “pencil cases” have been adjusted to be installed both in new buildings and during the reconstruction. They are created with close attention to details and supplied with hardware, which makes the system installation and bringing the sliding door to service easier and faster. Simple and easy: the dynamics of the sliding door system installation is one more element, which affects the maintenance of structural integrity. Upgrading of the sliding door unit system construction made it more popular. From the moment of their appearance, they have become stronger, more resistant to wear, lighter, and easier to use. Our sliding interior door systems can provide noiseless and reliable long- term operation.

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What is the hidden door ?

Hidden door or invisible door is a zeitgeist, our customers make real in their designs. This is not by accident because hidden doors are the ones that look prestigious and practical, comprising style and functionality.

Concealed mounting door case is inserted into a hole at the stage of processing the room. Plaster is maximally close to the hole containing a rigid aluminium case. The surface of the wall without casing moulding passes into the surface of the hidden door leaf. It creates the impression that the aluminium section of the hidden door case does not exist. Doors without casing mouldings or hidden doors are becoming more and more popular.

Deciding in favour of hidden interior door, you will make sure that it was the right designer’s discovery in planning the interior of your house. From us, you may buy any kind of hidden doors based on your preference. Advantages of the door without casing moulding or hidden doors is that unlike ordinary interior doors they may be made from ceiling to floor. To implement the ideal design there are no and there may be no limits. The hidden doors may eye-catchingly stand out against the wall or on the contrary, blend into wall panels, therefore they are hard to notice at first glance. This is the perfect choice for the implementation of interesting designer’s solutions. We will be able to choose any materials and textures that are the most commonly used in modern interiors. Hidden doors or invisible doors maybe both side flush-to-wall doors or may become a secret entrance to one of the rooms.

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