Selecting door case for sliding systems

"How to install?", "What features make them different?". Understanting our customer’s needs as well as the selection of the offers that meet their expectations is the main task of our company. That's exactly why we will readily answer all your questions and help to choose functional and modern interior doors.

The pencil case for sliding interior doors system is a construction consisting of a metal framing, a frame and a guide which allows the door sliding inside the wall. It is crucially important for sliding door system to be designed with the application of high-quality materials, which guarantee the functionality and long-term use.

MITO sliding systems have been adjusted to be installed both in new buildings and during the reconstruction. They are created with close attention to details and supplied with hardware, which makes the system installation and bringing the sliding door to service easier and faster. Simple and easy: the dynamics of the sliding door system installation is one more element, which affects the maintenance of structural integrity

Advantages of the sliding door systems

Disadvantages of ordinary doors:

Decrease the living space because of door swing;


Possible injuries caused by accidental opening/closing the doors;

When opened the doors seem to be bulky.

Advantages of sliding doors:

Increase the living space;

No risk of injuries caused by accidental opening/closing;

Good insulation (noise, odour, light);

Practical in use for disabled people.

Sliding door systems catalogue

New MITO counter frame for sliding doors inserted into the walls may be installed as flush-to-wall doors, without any casing mouldings. Herewith it does not create any architectural breaks, becoming a part dominating over furniture and design, which makes the surrounding more harmonious. It is available for glass and wood door leaves.

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This type was created to optimize warehouse logistics and meet the immediate demands of the customers. It is packed in a small package. It is easy to install and the perfect choice (only) for the gypsum board divisions. “Single” model allows creating a door opening which is 1000 mm wide, and using the “Double” model the width increases to 2000 mm. As a "metal pencil case ", it may be installed on the existing floor. This is an easy way to optimize a living space with comfort and renewed interior.

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The meral pencil case was created for fast and easy inserting into different types of walls. As long as it may be also installed on the existing floor, it is a perfect choice for the renewal of interior and saving the living space of a house. Due to convenient plate with the selected groove and sealer, the doors close tight, are well –isolated, shut out noise, light and odour. All the fittings and the pencil case are made in Italy, thus it provides long-term, trouble-free and noiseless operation. As long as the pencil case has standard dimensions you will have no problems when installing it.

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Two doors in one pencil case, which are opened in opposite directions. This is a perfect solution for the halls or narrow rooms. In comparison with the traditional systems, it decreases the space in the wall up to 1/3.

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Parallel one contains two door leaves, which are parallel to each other, able to divide big openings with special compact size.

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Ternoscorevoli sliding door system


The new, invisible sliding system is a new and unique solution for doors. The doors seem to be up in the air. This is an innovative, patented mechanism where the upper and lower guides are hidden. When the door is opened or closed the mechanism remains invisible. Both side application of the system, lightness and noiseless movement, make the door pleasant and comfortable to use. The door leaf stops at the ending point, even in the case of hard push as well as drags closer when closing, due to drag machanism for opening and closing.

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The guide batten has no decorative covering, due to which it becomes a part of the interior decoration. Very elegant external appearance and discreet design let it be used with any designer’s solution.

The universal mechanism is suitable for both left-side and right-side opening. Battens are mounted on the wall and on both sides of the door leaf, there are incut the rollers. The bottom guide is absent. As in the case with many sliding roller door constructions in the bottom of the door leaf there is installed an invisible flag. Minimum visual stress! Everything is simple and exclusively elegant at the same time.

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Interior Door Sliding Systems:
construction, installation methods

Upgrading of the sliding door unit system construction made it more popular. From the moment of their appearance, they have become stronger, more resistant to wear, lighter, more comfortable, and easier to use. You can buy modern mechanisms to open different door leaves here. Our goods can provide long-term noiseless and reliable operation.

Interior door sliding system construction

Interior door sliding systems are more and more often driving the ordinary models out of the market. It is conventional to use them both at home and in different institutions. These sliding door systems provide for the departure from the wall. They are popular because of affordable price, simplicity of construction. Interior door sliding systems are equipped with a long-lasting, straight-lined, simple device. Depending on the model weight there are mechanisms aimed at the door weighing up to 120, 100, 80, 40 kg.

Door sliding systems include the following elements:

The upper rail. It takes the load and defines a direction. Due to this, the sliding door system does not jump, and it moves smoothly.
The roller is responsible for the long-term, noiseless and smooth operation.
Door metal holder
Install a T-shaped guide mounting plate. In other words, a way.
This is a basis for the sliding door system.

Ways of holding the sliding system

According to the type of assembling, the sliding door systems may be: top supporting, suspension, with fixtures – fixed with the help of wood bar, corners. The first type is used with uneven walls, as long as it allows smoothing it out due to the wood width dimensions. You can buy any interior door sliding systems from us in Kyiv. Here you will find an affordable price and favourable terms of collaboration.

Fittings for sliding door systems

Soft Closing Set

It is comfortable; it provides for soft closing and is safe for children. This set supports the door close to the moment of closing and slowly drags it to stop and complete closure. This is an important accessory which prevents from accidental injury of fingers at the moment of closing the door. It is possible to install this set at any model of MITO pencil cases as well as after their installation.

Clutch kit

It allows creating double pencil case made from two single ones, clutching the guides with one another. This is an important accessory which optimizes a warehouse allowing the whole range of models available

Simultaneous opening set

This set allows the simultaneous opening of both leaves of door, even if only one leaf is displaced. It is available for all double models.